JUNE 6, 2023: The world waits with baited breath!

Or at least, I do. I recently finished writing a book (please clap). To accomplish this feat, I spent a lot of time locked in a room pounding the keyboard while young children pounded on the door demanding I stop. The struggle, as any mother who has ever tried to find a few minutes of quiet to get anything done knows, is real.

The best thing you can do if you are reading this is to pre-order my book sometime before it comes out next June. This helps in all sorts of ways I don’t understand, but mostly it means I won’t get in trouble with my publisher. I heard that Regnery, my publisher, installed an oubliette underneath Harry Crocker’s desk where he tosses writers who fail to meet his pre-order quotas. Keep the oubliette warm for me, Harry!


P.S. This is what an oubliette is:

Harry Crocker feeding a writer in his oubliette who failed to meet her pre-order quota.