“Yesterday’s soccer mom is today’s domestic extremist. Raising your own family is becoming a radical act of rebellion—one well worth committing, as Peachy Keenan brilliantly describes.”

— Tucker Carlson


A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War

Reclaim Your Identity, Your Family, and Your Country—By Becoming More Domestic



Peachy Keenan cuts through the madness of modern feminism and provides a bold, funny, and radical plan for retaking domesticity in the 21st century. This book is a challenge to women—and men—to recapture their dignity and reestablish the possibility of family bliss. Essential reading.
— Christopher Rufo


In an age of absurdity, jokesters are the best truth-tellers. No one proves this more definitively than Peachy Keenan, whose very online wit conveys some very real-life genius. This is one of the year’s most exciting books by one of the country’s most original writers.
— Spencer Klavan, editor, The American Mind; author, How to Save the West


Peachy Keenan is a wickedly funny island of uncompromising conservatism in the fanatical heart of West Coast woke monoculture. If anyone has a handle on how to keep yourself sane and your kids un-brainwashed, it’s her.
— Mary Harrington, author of Feminism Against Progress


With her characteristic charm and brilliance, Peachy Keenan takes down feminist ideology in a way that no one else
can. Domestic Extremist is both a delightful read and a devastating critique, but also woven throughout with the heart that comes from having seen its ravages up close. How I wish every young (and not-so-young) adult would read this.


— Noelle Mering, author of Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology


Peachy Keenan is the voice of the mother you never knew you needed. Unapologetic, hilarious and supremely practical, Domestic Extremist is a manual for avoiding the void at the heart of modernity.

— Alex Kaschuta, writer and podcast host

Peachy Keenan has written a book for the ages—especially our Current Stupid Age. Her poison-tipped truths come at you fast, so you better learn to duck. This is a must-read manifesto and blueprint for how women (women!!) can take back the culture, and God help us all if we don’t heed her words. Hilarious and sharp, Peachy knows her medicine goes down better with a spoonful of sugar. Take your medicine, America! You need it!
— Bridget Phetasy, writer, comedian, host of Dumpster Fire and Walk-Ins Welcome


Put this book down and report yourself to federal law enforcement. Peachy Keenan is a dangerous woman with dangerous doctrines.
— Ryan P. Williams, President, The Claremont Institute; Publisher, The American Mind and the Claremont Review of Books

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About the Book

After a century of progress, modernity, and female liberation, Americans, especially young women, should be happier and more fulfilled than ever before. Spoiler alert: they’re not. Our civilization hangs in the balance as marriage vanishes, families shrink, women choose career over kids, fertility rates plunge, and general human misery takes root. What went wrong? And how do we reverse course before we self-destruct?

In her provocative debut, Peachy Keenan employs her trademark wit, humor, and insight to lay out how we have painted ourselves into a dead end—and how to find a way out.

By following her advice to live lives that are “just a little bit more domestic,” Peachy shows us how to win the culture war, reclaim our identities, rescue our families—and save humanity itself.